About us

Benu Mehta

Designer & Owner

A self-taught designer, Benu Mehta quit a secure job in the corporate sector to pursue her love for furniture design. She discovered her true-calling when she moved into her own apartment and ended-up designing the interiors all by herself. Wanting to explore further, Benu volunteered to make furniture pieces for clients who knew what they wanted but didn't know how or where to get them made. Eventually, she herself started to design and as she experimented with different materials & techniques, she established a style of her own. Benu Mehta Inc. was launched in 2009, where besides designing furniture, Benu also enjoys being a Space Consultant and an Interior Designer.

Born in Meerut and raised across different cities in India, Benu has also lived in USA for a few years. She holds a Masters Degree in Marketing & HR. She has now been working in the field of customisation and design for about 15 years. Her love for new mediums and different materials coupled with her passion for design and creativity, continue to inspire Benu and propel her to evolve herself and her brand.

Benu Mehta Inc.

With a vision to create unique designs by juxtaposing different natural materials, using local artisans and giving an eclectic twist to traditional art, Benu Mehta Inc. offers retail, customisation, design solutions and space consultation. The brand is best known for creating distinct, statement pieces of furniture and for putting them together in a common space. The pieces have their own individual identity yet they effortlessly compliment each other. Contemporary lines, classic aesthetics and multiple functionalities define the quintessential style of the brand that now has many satisfied clients in its database.

Benu Mehta Inc is for those looking to make an extraordinary home out of their beautiful house.